María has been helping foreign nationals navigate the maze of Spanish Bureaucracy for many years.  She joined the Purple Team in 2018 and heads up Purple Permits.

She deals with all of Purple Permits’ clients personally and guides them through each stage of the process – whether they are applying for residency, changing their driving licence from a UK licence to a Spanish one,  importing their UK registered cars, etc.

María spends a lot of her time in queues in Government Departments so that you don’t have to!

She is supported back at the office by a team who are able to take your details and advise you what paperwork you need to bring for your first (free, no-obligation) meeting with María.

So call us now on 952 010 009, WhatsApp on 603 200 559 or email  info@purplepermits.es

María and the team at Purple Permits are here to help take the hassle out of Spanish Bureaucracy.


    positive review  Yesterday we went in PP and Maria was amazing. Not only dealing with my residency and my husband and mine driving licenses. She went the extra mile with a diff problem. Calling number on page and sorting our issue. Brilliant

    Sarah Ross Avatar Sarah Ross
    March 16, 2019

    positive review  I would like to say a huge thank you to Maria and the team at Purple Permits! You have made the whole process of obtaining Residencia ten times easier than it would be trying to work it out alone. Excellent service with very knowledgable staff, I would highly recommend this to anyone still needing to get theirs 👍👍

    Kat Evans Avatar Kat Evans
    July 18, 2019

    positive review  I highly recommend these guys, after starting to get my padron and resedencia sorted with Maria, I had to cancel this as been suddenly out of the blue told by work we are relocating to Malta in a matter of weeks. Within a day my deposit paid was refunded in full to my bank. If anyone needs any paperwork sorted, these guys are the ones to go to, friendly helpful staff, I know too if I ever visit, I will certainly be using their other services for car hire, brilliant guys and I will drop in with some goodies before I go, thank you again x

    Caroline Piper Avatar Caroline Piper
    June 7, 2019

    positive review  they are just wonderful and get on with the job in hand Residencia and Padron are not straight forward, This company and Maria took the worry and stress away cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Steve Gorman Avatar Steve Gorman
    February 12, 2020


Whether you are a resident or not, if you own a property in Spain you should be registered on your local Town Hall Padron. 

Every person registered on the Padron brings State Government funds to your local area.

This does not affect your residency status but the Padron document is often required for other things.


An NIE number is usually the first thing you apply for if you are planning to spend any amount of time in Spain.  Although the rules, have recently changed, it is required for many things including buying a house or car.

Social Security

Depending on your circumstances, you may need a Social Security number.  This is different from your NIE.


The rules regarding applying for Permanent Residency are currently changing on a fairly regular basis, especially for UK Citizens in the wake of Brexit.

UK Nationals now have to apply for a Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjeros (TIE) instead of the old Residencia.  If you are currently resident in Spain with a Residencia, at some point you will have to exchange it for a TIE.

Other European Nationals can still apply for a Residencia.

María is keeping up to date with all the changes and requirements for obtaining either a TIE or Residencia and can advise on the best way to qualify for Residency, whether you are British or from elsewhere in Europe or other parts of the world.

Car Ownership

If you buy or sell a car in Spain, whether to or from a dealer or private individual, there are procedures which need to be followed to ensure that the correct transfer documents are processed.

This is very different from the simple change of owner slip on the V5 in England, for example.

Change Plates

If you keep a car in Spain which is on UK or Gibraltar plates you must, after a certain period of time, legally import the car into Spain and change your plates to Spanish.

This is a legal requirement and you can be heavily fined if you exceed the time allowed.

Driving Licence

If you are now living in Spain and still have a driving licence issued in your home country you could be breaking the law in both countries.

Health Insurance

Under most circumstances, if you are applying for Spanish Residency, you will need Private Health Insurance.  We can advise and assist in getting the best policy at the right price.

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